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The School Principal's Toolbook

The School Principal's Toolbox

by Jim Burgett

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The eternal, unvoiced plea of every school principal is “HELP!”

But who helps the building leaders with everyday answers, encouragement, practical tips, how-to lists, and almost any resource needed so they can continue to lead with joy and passion—and change their students' world?

Help for principals has arrived! It's Jim Burgett’s The School Principal’s Toolbook: Building the How-to Path to Excellence. This book provides a practical and fun set of tools to understand, confront, and resolve almost every dilemma afoot or ahead! It's written for the rookie, veteran, or for those just needing a shot in the arm of potent leadership rejuvenation! And, like all of Jim's books, it's based on good, solid, practical information.

The School Principal’s Toolbook isn't confined to principals either. Burgett's words offer help to everyone involved in school building leadership like assistant or associate principals, deans, special ed directors, head teachers, and building leaders.