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Teachers Change Lives 24/7

Teachers Change Lives 24/7

by Jim Burgett

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Teachers Change Lives 24/7 and 150 Ways to Do it Right was a work of love. Jim explains why he wrote it and what he hopes it does for the teaching profession—

Teaching is a profession that truly changes lives. For most of my life I have either attended school as a student or worked as an educator. I am convinced that as long as I am capable, I will be a teacher. I also believe that no matter what the political climate or economic challenges, educators need to understand just how important they are. So, in Teachers Change Lives 24/7, I took a lifetime of material, mixed it with an immeasurable amount of passion, and crafted a book of how-to-do-it-better ideas told through reality-based stories that will warm the heart, cause a chuckle or two, and provide enough encouragement for any educator to try a little harder to make an even bigger difference for kids.

Teaching is done as much from the heart as it is from the head. Ivy League processes, research-based concepts, calculated assessments, state and federally mandated standards, and statistically-based, data-driven strategies are all well and good and have a place in knowing how one learns and what buttons to push for specific results in specific situations. However, none of the above can be fully implemented without human instinct, a positive attitude, and a well-balanced teacher with a realistic knowledge of the school, community, and it's needs. Research and science help, but common sense, inspiration, and a good dose of hard work cannot be replaced. That is why so many have told me this book is a must read for any teacher—new, used, or even slightly worn out (the book or the teacher!) They tell me that TCL 24/7 provides a humanistic and realistic set of ideas and thoughts that will help educators remember their passion for teaching, and build upon it.

In an era of contracts, standards, and lots of talk about not leaving anyone behind, we almost forget about the basics of caring and loving the individual student. Teachers from all over have shared ideas and concepts with me that make a difference. Ideas that help us all be better in both our house and the school house. Ideas that help us make more efficient use of our time, engage our students more appropriately, insert more excitement, and help us inspire others to do better and to be better. Concepts such as the Fun Police and PILY won't be found anywhere else, but I can guarantee you that these two ideas alone will change the way you teach and live and are worth the cost of the book.

When you finish these pages, it is my hope that you will be recharged and reloaded. Recharged with a new dose of motivation, and reloaded with new tools and ideas that will expand your influence with kids. I wrote this book so that you will do an even better job changing lives 24/7. Nothing is more important than that.

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