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Professional Development Training

Jim customizes most presentations to meet the needs of the organization. He confers with the program facilitators and learns the needs and expected outcomes. Together they craft a program that is unique for the group.

What follows are some basic programs that Jim offers. Each of these programs can stand alone or used as a foundation for a customized presentation.

Doom to Zoom

It's been a rough ride for schools and educators. Financial concerns, teacher reductions, program shrinkage, larger class sizes – you name it and many schools have, are, or will be experiencing it. While we are in a "doom" mentality when it comes to resources, kids want to learn more than ever with the excitement of new technology. I call this zoom learning, or just "zoom". This session provides meaningful ways to build morale and gives directions to move from "doom" to "zoom". We talk about finding ways to do more with less, to move forward in spite of circumstances, and to ignite staff and students. New innovations in technology and teaching are shared along side a reinforcement of many fundamental concepts. For instance, basic communication skills are taught along with new ways to communicate. This is not a motivational fix, this program includes ideas that work! Perfect for all educators, at any level, any capacity. This session is fast paced, fun, and very meaningful.

Quality Service Anywhere, Anytime

What one thing can any school or organization provide that separates them from others and doesn't cost one dime? The answer is service. Bad service is unforgettable and can cause undo damage. Average service, is, well, average. It does nothing to lose or gain respect or appreciation. Quality service sets a new standard and can become positively unforgettable if it is consistent and genuine.

This workshop is for everyone who represents the school or organization. From CEO to part-timer, each individual is the organization, and reflects the overall commitment to providing quality service. This program defines what service is and the secret to making it exceptional. We will learn from the best of the best and every participant will walk away with hands-on skills and knowledge to provide quality service anywhere, anytime!

Teachers Change Lives 24/7 - 150 Ways to Do it Right!

This workshop is based on the book of the same title. It is a practical "journey" toward more effective teaching. It gives a fundamental review of some of the basics regarding how to develop stronger relationships with students, parents, and peers. It shares time-tested techniques for motivating, listening, and teaching. It focuses on maintaining a balance between personal and professional obligations, and even shares a few secrets that will enhance family life and make you an "unforgettable" educator. Along the way, dozens of practical "tips" obtained from a long list of successful educators will be shared. Fun, fast, interactive, and meaningful are the descriptors for this workshop.

Leadership vs. Management - Making a Difference

Do you lead or manage? Do you make a difference or just hold a place? This workshop offers some basic, and yet timeless, strategies to become better at what you do. For businesses, corporations, schools, or institutions, the discussion and ideas shared hit upon several key elements of success. How to balance time, understand vision building, set goals, confer with others, and solve problems in less than a minute are just a few of the many ideas shared. Participants walk away ready to change their outlook and update their practices. Fast moving and fun, this workshop does make a difference.

Building a Team that Makes a Difference

Teamwork is a key element of the success of any organization. This customized workshop considers the issues at hand and provides several successful ways to find solutions. Most companies or institutions face teamwork or personality issues. Many ideas are shared that help focus on the problems and establish ways to move forward and reach new levels of excellence.

Building The Perfect School

The newest of Jim's workshops focuses on the elements of his latest book, coauthored with Jim Rosborg and Max McGee. Jim focuses on the chapters he wrote that deal with hiring, firing, and building the best staff possible, creating a climate of service, infusing character into all elements of the system, and understanding the importance of perception. This is an valuable workshop for teachers, administrators, board members and anyone involved with education.

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Keynote and Motivational Presentations: Teachers, Administrators, Board Members

Jim is a popular keynote presenter. Each keynote is unique to the specific audience. Depending on the size of the group, the venue, and the agreed upon goals, Jim will craft a presentation that will excite and motivate. He uses humor and emotions to make his points but wants his audience to walk away with something meaningful and lasting, not just a quick fix that they will enjoy, but forget. Jim's goal is to provide a presentation that makes a difference.

Moving from Doom to Zoom

A passionate keynote that explains some of the reasons for current economic challenges, why we need to understand and own this information, and how to move forward. This is a "morale boosting" keynote that moves from "doom" to "zoom". Zoom is defined as the way kids learn and the importance of teaching and leading in this direction. In one hour people are changed and energized.

Leadership in Challenging Times: Back to the Basics

This presentation was first given to the Illinois Association of School Administrators and received a long and thunderous standing ovation. It can be adapted to audiences of teachers, board members or any category of educators. This presentation outlines six important fundamentals of leadership that are needed to make a difference. It is both a practical and inspirational message needed today. Download this presentation (PDF)

The Heart of Education

What is basic to good teaching? What helps all educators feel like they belong and make a difference? What are some educational concepts too basic to ignore yet often overlooked? Why does your heart make a difference to the success of your school or district? These questions are addressed in this "heart-pumping" keynote.

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Administrator Academies

Jim has developed a number of approved Administrator Academies that he has presented throughout the United States. These academies have been presented to large groups, intimate groups, and on-line. Topics include Effective Leadership, Ethical Decision Making, How to Resolve Political Issues, Communication, Surviving Administration, Keys to Successful Leadership, and Jim's latest Cutting Edge Tools for Zoom Leadership.

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Board Member Training and Presentations

The Art of School Boarding

Based on Jim's best selling book of the same title, several foundational principles of boardmanship are featured including (1) handling complaints, (2) knowing your priorities, (3) understanding the concept of teamwork, (4) replacing the microscope with field glasses, (5) knowing who does what and how to facilitate success as a result, and (6) how to become an advocate for positive change. As always, Jim adds humor and passion to this very important message on boardsmanship.

Doom to Zoom

It's been a rough ride for a lot of schools and educators. Financial concerns, teacher reductions, program shrinkage, larger class sizes – you name it and many schools have, are, or will be experiencing it. While we are in a "doom" mentality when it comes to resources, kids want to learn more than ever with the excitement of new technology (I call this "zoom") and the ever growing understanding that they need an education to succeed. This keynote, workshop, or academy gives meaningful direction t build morale and move mentality from "doom" to "zoom". We talk about finding ways to do more with less, to move forward in spite of circumstances, and to ignite staff and students. Not just a motivational fix, this session includes a lot of ideas that work! Perfect for school boards, administrators, and teachers!

Boardmanship 101

What board of education doesn't need a reminder of their responsibilities and rights? This interactive, 2-hour program examines the top ten tasks of being a board member, working as a team, following the laws of the land, and covers many practical steps to being successful leaders. It is more than a leadership "tune-up", it is a serious look at what a Board Member is and how he or she should respect and fulfill the trust they have been given.

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Management Advice

Over the years, Jim has provided one-on-one consultation with school administrators, aspiring administrators, administrative teams, board members, and others seeking his experience and insight into educational issues.

Jim also provides a service he calls "Perception Check" where he actually conducts an onsite visit of the school or district to measure first impressions, service, user-friendliness, and personnel quality. Jim provides a follow-up report or meeting to share his findings and suggestions.

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