The Burgett Group


Over the years people who have attended Jim's keynotes, workshops, academies, and planning sessions have been kind enough to send unsolicited testimonials. In addition, program planners often send copies of evaluation summaries. The testimononials presented here represent only a small fraction of those received and are on file available for review.

"I thought you did a FANTASTIC job! It was nice to walk out of a presentation and feel good about my occupation. I admire you for your very obvious passion for teaching, and I hope that after I’ve been in the business for more than five years I feel the same way if not more."

– Rich N.

"Being in education/athletics for over twenty-five years, I thought I had heard all the best motivational/inspirational speakers (Lou Holtz, Dick Vitale, etc.), however, when I heard you I added another name to that list. What a great way to start my Thanksgiving break! Thanks, Jim, your timing was outstanding!"

– Randy S.

"Jim, I am writing you to let you know that your presentation last fall changed my life. I went home and made adjustments to my priorities. It saved my marriage. You were the spark I needed."

– L.V.

"I have lost over eighty pounds since last summer based on what you said about taking control of our lives, and from the practical advice you spelled out about stress. I HAVE taken control thanks to you. I can’t wait to hear you again - I recently signed up for another of your workshops. Thanks so much, you may have saved my life.”

– Ruth R.

"Awesome! Motivational! Inspirational! These are the most common responses to the practical and entertaining presentation given to our 1200 teachers by Jim Burgett. He had every teacher fully engaged. By weaving in humor with “takeaway” examples that teachers could put to immediate use, Jim was certainly one of the most popular speakers in the history of our district.”

– Chuck F.

"I have been a teacher for 38 years. Your keynote was the best I have ever heard. Period. Thanks for lighting a spark to do a better job.”

– Jim R.

"Your presentation was excellent and I have tried making changes in the way I teach. The students have been very responsive and the days have been more enjoyable for us all! Thank you for your suggestions.”

– Tie. C.

“You were absolutely wonderful! Hearing your presentation reaffirmed that what I am doing is fine and that I should do even more. You are GREAT! Thanks a million!”

– Lori M.

"I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation. I felt very renewed and motivated when I left, which is not the usual feeling on a Friday afternoon! Thank you so much!”

– Sue S.

"I really enjoyed your humorous touch. We all need humor in our life. Thanks for sharing with us! I also love the handouts!”

– Pete P.

"If I were grading, I’d give you an A+ for your presentation. It was great to hear a speaker who has been involved in all areas of education. You did a great job of speaking to everyone in the room; we all could identify with many aspects of your presentation. You did a great job of 'getting and keeping us.'”

– Julie S.

"Thanks for a wonderful afternoon of thought and fun. I enjoyed your presentation very much. It was light and full of information.”

– T.Z.

"How refreshing it was to hear someone speak about positive things we, as educators, can do in our classrooms. Sometimes it is so disheartening, especially at the high school level, because of the negative attitudes that often prevail. I truly appreciated your practical suggestions. You left a lasting impression on many of the teachers including me. Thank you for caring enough about education to share your positive nature and professional strategies.”

– R.V.

"I have found most of these teacher workshops to be a waste of my time and came fully prepared to grade papers during your speech. After ten minutes I had my papers back in the bag and learned more in the next hour then I learned in all of the past thirty years of opening day institutes. THANK YOU YOUNG MAN!”

– (From a very animated lady as I was walking out of a Chicago-area school district after presenting to over a thousand of her peers.)

Evaluation Comments

The following are the most frequent comments listed on program evaluations:

  • Best presenter ever!
  • Inspiring and fun!
  • Very thought provoking
  • Wonderful message
  • We cried and laughed and learned
  • Positive enthusiasm
  • Entertaining but educational
  • Involved the audience
  • Outstanding in every way!
  • Only one problem - not LONG enough!!
  • We need more speakers like Jim.
  • Thanks so much for this workshop.
  • This is one keynote I won’t forget.
  • He is the first speaker our group has even given a standing ovation!