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Why would I recommend other speakers? Well there are several reasons. First, I may not be available and I want you to have a great speaker to fill my spot until I am available in the future! Second, I may not be an expert in the subject matter. For instance, if you want a presentation on Bullying, see below where I recommend a top-notch, yet affordable speaker. Third, I may not be a perfect fit for your needs, and I may know someone who is. So, if you are in need of a speaker just give me a call or send an email and I will get back to you and I can give you some suggestions.

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Teaching/Leading Low-Income Students and Families

Do you deal with low-income students? If you do, there is an amazing book entitled, The Kid in Purple Pants, that not only tells a real live teacher/administrator story, but outlines some practical ways you can serve the low-income student and family in a very meaningful manner. Read the story on the book and the amazing author.

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Speaker: I highly recommend an amazing presenter that covers the topic of bullying. I have personally presented with, heard, and appreciate Joe Coles. Not only is he an expert on the topic, he speaks directly to teachers and administrators with authority, interest, and appreciation. Audiences love him, and he is very affordable.

Resource: Just Pete, by Malinda Kirkpatrick-Bertels
Mindy Bertels wrote an amazing book that hundreds of students have read, studied, and used as part of their Language Arts curriculum. Not only does it offer a great discussion and lesson on the topic of bullying, it also fits in with common core studies. For more information about the book go to the site listed below. You can also contact the author to learn how she has used the book as a teaching tool. Mindy is also doing presentations on the book and the topic of bullying.

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Educator Technology Presentations

Recess Tec will introduce you to Shannon Smith and Nancy Brachbill. These two outstanding educators provide inservices on leading technology. They are unique for several reasons: they talk in simple, understandable languages, they talk straight (not down at you or above you), their message is updated and based on affordable technology, and they know what they are talking about since they walk the walk in their own situations. I have heard them, I respect them, and I highly recommend them. And, they are affordable.

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Web/Graphic/Marketing/Logo and More

Are you in need of advice, work, direction, or development of a site, brand, or marketing? I recommend you consider Brian Knobloch of Block Plane Designs. He is married to a teacher, knows the business of design, and is both highly talented and very progressive.

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